Book Marketing Advice Do’s and Dont’s

Just thought I’d share a great article on marketing advice I found on a site called “The Vandel”. It was dated so long ago, August 7th of this year (ha ha), but the advice is still timely.

The piece is called “How to Promote Your Book – Politely” and it was written by Derek Haines. Please, go and check it out in its entirety.

But in the meantime, I highlighted two points that really resonated with me. And I hope, for you published or soon to be published authors, some of it will resonate with you as well.

How to Promote Your Book Politely


5. DO thank every single reader who writes a review of your book on any forum. Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, where ever. Set up a Google Alert to make sure you don’t miss one. Some advise not to respond to bad reviews, but I disagree. I always thank every reviewer for taking the time, even if they hated my book. It’s amazing what you can learn if you engage people.

7. DO use bookmarking sites to promote your blog. A well written and topical blog post can potentially go viral. This is the way to get some attention, but be careful. Don’t over do it. I post everyday, and perhaps once a month a post really goes mad. Be patient and write well.


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