Celebrating the African-American Book Niche

I saw the Hunger Games last Friday.  It was wonderful.  I also read the books.  I appreciated that some of the major characters were black and that they were presented in the same way as the other characters.

The black characters evoked as much emotion as white characters do.  This is a rare thing in popular American entertainment.  Very rare.

It is so rare, that even though Rue and Thresh were described as dark-skinned in the book and from District 11 (the agricultural district located in the South and populated by mostly dark-skinned characters) some majority Americans (or Americans that relate only to the majority) did not envision Rue and Thresh as black.  (Cinna could have been any color according to the book.  It was not specified).

Oh boy, were they upset.  For every one who took to Twitter and expressed their displeasure, there were probably dozens who said nothing. (25 most racist tweets about the Hunger Games)


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