Writing Lessons: Giving Myself Permission To Be Imperfect

Well, I had an epiphany today on my journey of writing my new novel Glitch, and it was this: it’s okay to make a perfect mess of your first draft.

I had to tell myself this because I noticed I’ve been stalling in my writing lately, afraid of words and sentences and thoughts coming out crappy. And then I realized, hey, it’s all right, if the first draft is junk. After all, it ain’t easy writing about 6’6 black guy whose

What will Gilead really look like?

What will Gilead really look like?

2,300 years old, half-angel (only half, and I won’t reveal what his other half is) and has yellow-brown wings made of crystal and human body parts.

So now, rather than being stuck on chapter 39, I am moving ahead faster and with clearer ideas, excited about Gilead and Emmy’s strange adventures together, and wondering how in the world a love story with a dude this intense can possibly work?

I don’t know. And that’s fine, too.  Because trying to be perfect all the time surely does more to stifle creativity than allowing yourself to fall, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and moving on!



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