How To Get 18 Million People to Read Your Book – Before It’s Published!

This blog keeps breaking down lately, disappearing at times what with all of the updates I am doing, so I must apologize to you readers who have come here and found it, well, blank.

In the meantime, I have continued reading and writing and searching the internet for all delicious news that is literary.

One of the most interesting stories I came across recently was about author Brittany Geragotelis.  Her book “Life’s A Witch” is on sale now but previously it received 18 millions views on Wattpad before it was ever published!

18 million (actually, as of this writing it is up to 21 million)!

I don’t know how those numbers will translate into eventual sales for Mrs. Geragotelis, but I know she can’t be hurting.

My question is, how does an author even get 18 million people to read their work on Wattpad? If anyone has any clever, amusing or inspiring stories they want to share about their Wattpad experience, please feel free to do so right here, on Yaminatoday. Oave noticed about Mrs. Geragotelis is

a). she has been a member on the site for 3 years. So being a constant presence probably helps and—

b.) she has several stories uploaded on the site, many of them under 100 pages

Wattpad, in case you don’t know, is a communal site for sharing and discovering stories. There is, numbers wise, some fierce competition on the site to get readers attention. According to Wattpad itself, there are over 10 million new stories on the site, and millions more added each month.


Part of me is depressed when I hear this, and another part of me is inspired.

I get depressed because I think ‘I will never stand out; there are too many people in the game’. But then I get inspired when I realize what an opportunity this is for so many writer to have their literary voices heard. And if a little competition is going to scare me away, then I don’t need to be in this business anyway.

Competition is good. And rather than compare myself to others, I (well, writers everywhere really) need to focus on my own unique voice and just be the best me I can be.

So get out there and share your stories everyone.  And good luck!



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Uchenna says: June 02, 2014 at 9:33 pm

After I read The Last King, I fell in love. This kind of writing was so rare in the African American community. It was gem that needed to be promoted. I think the first step is looking at your fans as your supporters. We are willing to work with you to get your name out there. Your success is our success. Why? Because that gives us more friends and pals to chat with over dinner about the incredible plotlines and characters. I have a bit of knowledge of my end to pull support — from using networks such as to hire someone to increase your web seo, to doing competitions. A great thing to do is to create a nitch. As an African girl, I have been looking for novels like this for so long. I imagine they’re lots of African and black people worldwide looking for stories like this. Create a nitch. Visit sites like NABJ (national association of black journalists — they will gladly love to read as writers), young black girls in college (anything geared towards young black people in college — they will love this as this is their age range.) I love that this can relate to everyone — regardless of race, whether white or black. But it’s important to start with a nitch. Once it becomes popular in a nitch demographic, if it is something that is broad enough to cross into mainstream, it eventually will. But it has to start with a nitch population that loves it enough that it garners enough pull to even move mainstream. Think of all the popular african american artists. They started out with the young black community, but because their message could applied mainstream and everyone could connect to it, it eventually crossed over.

    A. Yamina Collins says: June 02, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    Hi, Uchenna,

    I responded privately to your wonderful comments about my book, The Last King. But publicly I would like to say thank you once again, and your advice has been well considered.

    We will keep in touch.