Notes From a Fantasy Romance Writer: What Does It Take For Authors To Get Their Book In Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller’s List?

Hello, Dear Lovelies and Gentlemen.


Yamina here chatting you up. The answer to the title of this question is – not a lot.

My fantasy romance novel The Last King has been in and out of Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller’s list in four categories: fantasy, science-fiction, Women’s Fiction Literature and Christian Women’s Literature.

But get this: I have not yet sold 1,000 books. All digital (as of tonight, June 4th, the book is number 94 in fantasy).

The Last King: Love. Your. Enemy.

The Last King: Love. Your. Enemy.

That’s right. Apparently it doesn’t take thousands of sales to become an Amazon 100 Bestseller, though I am guessing the closer an  author’s book gets to the top 10, the more books they sell significantly.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Is it to embarrass myself with how little my book has sold (my novel, to be fair, is episodic, and will slowly be released over a period of a year and a half)?

No, that’s not the reason. It is too encourage you. That’s right. Hopefully, you self-pubbed authors will gain a little more hope in knowing that you don’t have to stack up huge sales to have reasonable “success.” At the same time, I want to inspire others to get out there and put more effort into marketing.

I have some help with marketing, have a professional editor, a professionally done cover, I’ve received good reviews on Amazon, I’ve had business cards printed up (yes, I even gave them out) and I’ve even done a few blog radio interviews. The result is still the measly 200 in sales.

But hey, it’s a start.

Am I discouraged? Hardly. In fact, I feel more inclined than ever to learn how to market my little baby properly. It’s just going to take time and effort, that’s all.

Thankfully, in the age of the internet, there is no shelf life for my book because there are no shelves for it to be placed on. Like I mentioned earlier, my book is digital, which means I don’t have to worry about some manager in a book store taking The Last King out a window somewhere to make room for the next, bigger name.

As long I push the marketing front, my book can sit in the “window” for a very long time.

Welcome to 2014, dear readers and writers.

Personally, as a writer, I am already enjoying the view from this century.


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Some notes about the HOST OF YAMINATODAY.COM – A. Yamina Collins

A. Yamina Collins is the author of the fantasy/romance novel The Last King, A modern-day love story about a young woman innocently caught in a war between two age-old nemesis: God, and immortal beings whose ancestors ate from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

The Last King

has already been in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller’s list in Fantasy, Sciencefiction, Women’s Fiction Literature and Christian Women’s Literature.

Twenty-eight year Emmy Hughes has never quite fit in—she’s six feet tall, dark-skinned, and daydreams of being Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. But when she is badly injured in a car accident that kills her mother, Emmy does not dream of fantastical worlds anymore—she just wants her shattered life to be normal again.

Unfortunately, normalcy is the last thing in store for her once she meets Lake George’s newest arrival, Dr. Gilead Knightly. Granted immortality from a line of people whose Great Ancestor marched into the Garden of Eden and ate from the Tree of Life, Gilead has been alive for centuries and has met everyone from Nubian kings to Napoleon.

But Gilead and his eccentric family are also hunted beings because God considers the Edenites’ possession of immortality to be theft. And for thousands of years He has dealt with their transgression by sending each of them a “Glitch” —an unsuspecting human meant to retrieve this stolen “property” of immortality and kill them off.

When Emmy discovers that she is Gilead’s Glitch, she is not only thrown into a world of immortals who eat bone marrow, panthers who read minds, and a family whose blood is made of pulsing gold, but she finds herself the target of Gilead’s vengeance: he must get rid of her before she gets rid of him.

Easier said than done. Because Glitches are not only an Edenite’s greatest threat—they’re also their greatest love.


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