Writing Update

Well, I got episode #8 of The Last King out of the way (published Amazon) and now I am hard on work on episode #9.

thelastking3 (1)Why do I finally feel like I am making progress? Man, two years in the making and it seems like the finish line is finally near! Yes, I’ve got four more episodes of The Last King to do, but these last four are the most exciting parts of the book for me as a writer – and the scariest. After all, how do you get audience members to love a bad guy who really has some major character flaws?

Ah, Gilead.

I am also excited because once I finish this first edition of the novel, I am going to go back and do another edition with more editors. I want to make it as perfect as possible. It’s only a good book right now, and I want it to be a phenomenal book.

Here’s to happy writing in 2016.




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