More “Emmy” Ideas

thelastking3 (1)Wow. I have been on line recently and found some wonderful pictures of dark-skinned models who put me in the mind of Emmy, the female protagonist for my urban/fantasy novel The Last King (yes, previously I was labeling the book in the fantasy/romance genre but have since been informed that I miscategorized it).

Anyway, all of these models are too young to play 28-year old Emmy (and of course, they would need a full head of natural hair placed on them), but I still like their look.

The first up is Leomie Anderson, 22 years old. Look how dark and luminous her skin is on the far left (she is more dark brown on the right, so maybe it wouldn’t work, because Emmy’s skin is actually black) .  And the color she is wearing in the one photo. Emmy is a color-wearing chick I’d say.


I also like the look of model Zuri Tibby below. Again, she is very young and needs natural hair, but I am just having fun with faces and ideas. She is so vulnerable looking. I picture Emmy to be both tough AND extremely vulnerable.









Shamone-Edwards-Audra-SS16-01Finally with model Shamone Edwards. I like her look her skin tone, drsssing style and hair. And she has a very vulnerable face to me. Just wanted to share. Any thoughts on these potential looking “Emmies”?




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Uchenna says: March 24, 2016 at 10:51 pm

I would choose Shamone Edwards for Emmy. For the face as well. She has a tough but yet vulnerable look. But yeah, natural hair and that would be a good Emmy candidate for sure! 🙂