Star Wars, Gilead and “Colors” – Another Song Added to My Hoped-For Soundtrack for The Last King

You’re probably wondering what Star Wars: The Force Awakens has to do with the antagonist Gilead, in my fantasy/romance novel The Last King.

thelastking3 (1)Well, they have this song “Colors” by Halsey in common; or at least, a fan-created video featuring the song Colors (it’s not actually in the Star Wars soundtrack).

What I love about the song is one line of lyric (it doesn’t have a lot of lyrics to begin with) which states the following:

I hope you make it through the darkness when the ache is gone…

imagesGilead is a man in pain and so is Kylo Ren. And I want them both to repent!

At least I have some control over Gilead (though you never know where a character will take you if you let them “speak” honestly), but Kylo…ah, Kylo. He is my favorite character in TFA (yes, he did some horrible things, but I liked his complexity; he’s easy to hate, and easy to understand, too), and maybe I dig wounded souls in some way. Maybe that’s why I dig Gilead, too.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the song.



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